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Weak Supervision -- Feeding the AI Monster

10 Oct 2018

Python North East welcomes you to our new home in The Core on Bath Lane. We’ve got space here secured until Christmas thanks to SoPost so say thanks to Jamie if you see him!

Tom Merritt-Smith - of our new sponsors Caspian - is with us this month to teach us about Weak Supervision in AI.

The availability of machine learning packages with friendly APIs, alongside ever cheaper technology, has made building a gigantic neural network child’s play. However, developing a useful machine learning classifier is often dependent on having an accurately labelled data set which can be used to train the classifier, and the bigger the neural network, the more hungry it is. This comes at a significant cost - even generating 1 label per second, 100 000 labels would require ~28 hours of work for one person. In this talk, we’ll cover some approaches to solve this, some challenges, and have a look at a python package released by one of the key research groups on weak supervision: hazyresearch.

There will be some code-along / code-play opportunities during and after the talk, so bring along your laptop. The package we’ll look at is babble, if you want to try installing it in advance.

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